Oregon Wedding and Event Planning

Why a Coordinator?

This is a question every bride and groom must ask themselves.  When it comes down to the practicality of budgeting for a wedding, a professional wedding planner may seem like it is not an option for many of us.  Here are a few considerations to take into account.

Vendor Referrals

I have worked with many professionals in the area of events.  I know who has the best prices, who has the best quality and who can get exactly what you're looking for.  Take the guessing game out of the picture with a vendor I recommend.  I guarantee I have worked with them and have been impressed by their product.

Budget Development and Management

I have worked with every conceivable budget under the sun.  Whether your budget is large or small, I can offer advice on vendors and make sure you get the most out of your money.  Don't let money can be an additional stress on relationships.  Together we can decide what aspects of the big day are the most important and go from there. 

Contact Person

I will be the contact person for all vendors.  I will solicit estimates and set up tastings or site inspections.  Vendors will come to me with questions and problems that arise on the day of and prior to your event. I will coordinate the timing of all vendors from rental deliveries and catering staff to signaling the DJ and minister. This is the one most important service that ensures you can enjoy your day.  Let me be the problem solver not you.

Details, Time, and Energy

"How hard can it be," you may say to yourself - a thought you'll look back and laugh once you're in the thick of flower colors and invitations and catering bids. The biggest mistake I see brides make is to try to do everything themselves. Unless you are one of those people who love details, planning an event the magnitude of your wedding (even a very small wedding) will drag the life out of you. Even those of us who excel at organization and taking care of details, will lose sight of the bigger picture - GETTING MARRIED!  Time is precious and getting lost in the details of your event should not take away from your special day.  Weigh the costs of time and energy - both yours and your family's - against the cost of a wedding planner.  Too many times have I heard a mother-of-the-bride say in exasperation, "I wish we'd hired a wedding planner!"  I know the ins and outs of weddings.  Let me take of the details and you just relax and enjoy the day!